The aim of our tours is - to take members to a range of different orchid habitats and enable them to see orchids growing in their natural wild state, at a time when many of the plants will be in flower. 

     The tours revolve around our own specialized orchid treks which will take you to explore habitat areas we have visited numerous times before with other tour groups. The knowledge gained from these previous visits ensures you will see a wide range of orchids growing and flowering in their natural wild habitat.

     The orchid treks are alternated with interesting local cultural excursions and visits to commercial orchid farms, plant markets and botanical collections - resulting in a unique orchid themed holiday.

     The tours also include our 'special plant buying service'. Members will be taken to a 'CITES' registered orchid nursery where they can purchase plants at low wholesale prices. We will ensure that all the required documentation is completed and the plants will be packed and delivered to your hotel the day before you leave.

     We have been conducting these specialized orchid tours for twenty three years and have now completed thirty six group tours and eight private tours. The experience and knowledge gained from these previous tours ensures that you will have a interesting and informative holiday.

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