The wild orchids of Thailand - March 2019

     Orchid species can be found in flower throughout the year in Thailand. However there are certain months when many different species are in flower at the same time.

     We have been recording the flowering times of the species we have in our collection in Thailand now for many years. This information along with observations made during field trips to explore the natural habitats of orchids at different times of the year, has enabled us to select tour dates which correspond to when a substantial number of orchid species will be in flower.

      (You can click on the pictures to identify the orchids shown and use the music control at the top of the page to give you a 'being there' - jungle sound effect)


     Our 2019 tour is divided into two parts and will cover two distinct geographical areas. Members have the option of joining us for either part of the tour or for the whole tour.

     We start the first part of the tour with two days in Chiang Mai - which will help you acclimatize after your flights and then go to the north east where we will explore some of the rich orchid habitats to be found there. This part starts on the 16th March and finishes on the 24th.

     On the second part of the tour we will explore the mountains and forests to the north of Chiang Mai. Here there are many other interesting orchid habitats and a different range of species can be found growing. This part starts on the 23rd March and finishes on the 30th.    

     The length of the full tour is fourteen nights - arriving on the 16th and departing on the 30th.

     If the dates don’t work out exactly, whether due to airline timetables or other reasons, you can always arrange to arrive a few days before the tour starts or depart a few days after the tour has finished.

    Update: Our 2019 tour has now finished and the next full tour will be in March 2020. Details will be ready soon.

The itinerary

     The tour is base on seeing orchids growing and flowering in their natural wild habitat - but also includes other orchid related activities such as visits to orchid farms, plant markets and botanical gardens.

     Realizing that members having travelled to Thailand may also want the opportunity to see some of the other attractions of the country - we also include some interesting cultural excursions.   

     These additional excursions along with ample opportunity for souvenir shopping and not forgetting the delicious local food - all add up to give you an exciting and enjoyable holiday. 

     A comprehensive 20 page tour information pack is available on request and can be sent to you by email. This will give you a lot more information about the tour including a detailed day to day activity guide.


     This tour is a compilation of the most rewarding days from all our previous tours - and our intention is to make it the most rewarding tour to date.    

     You will be met at the airport on arrival and escorted throughout the tour. We aim to make everything as easy and comfortable as possible for you. All you have to do is enjoy yourself.   

     We have been conducting these specialized orchid tours for twenty four years and the experience and knowledge gained from the previous tours ensures that you will have an interesting and informative holiday - and of course more importantly see plenty of wild orchids in flower.

     Nothing compares to the actual experience of being there. The sights, sound’s and scents can only truly be appreciated by experiencing them - and for orchid growers there is nothing quite like the excitement of trekking through a tropical forest and suddenly finding a beautiful exotic orchid in full bloom. 

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