Why travel with us?

There are many reasons why you should contemplate joining our tour: -

Our treks are the result of research over many years and take you to areas where we know you will see orchids, at a time when many will be in flower. This means you are guaranteed to see a good range of orchids growing and flowering in their natural wild state.

Trees full of Dendrobium gratiosissimum - seen on our 2017 tour.


Accommodation and food

     We use good quality accommodation – no roughing it in low-grade guesthouses.

     Rooms have air conditioning, European-style bathroom, fridge, television, and all the expected amenities.

     The resorts we stay at have good restaurants - offering a wide choice of Asian and European food, a swimming pool, massage/spa center, and free wireless internet service.

Tour leader, guides, and treks

     You will have an experienced tour leader who can speak the local language and has the knowledge to identify the orchid species seen.

     Our guides and assistants have been working with us for many years, and have been trained especially for our tour.

     Our treks are specifically designed to show you wild orchids and enable you to observe orchids growing and flowering in a range of habitats.

Past experience

     You will be benefiting from the experience gained from conducting this specialized tour over the past twenty-eight years, with 40 successful group tours already completed.

     The Knowledge and experience gained over the years enable us to provide you with a fascinating and informative holiday - and show you many different orchids growing and flowering in their natural wild habitat.

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