Our treks

     Many of the treks in the itinerary are exclusive to our tours. They are not available elsewhere and are specifically designed to enable you to observe orchids growing in their natural wild habitat.

     Our treks are the result of research over many years and will take you to areas where we know you will see orchids growing, and at a time when many of them will be in flower.

     Many of the treks undertaken will be to places that we have visited numerous times before with other tour groups - and at these places, we have carefully noted where specific orchids can be seen growing. With the knowledge gained from these previous visits, we can ensure that your time whilst on the treks is used to its best advantage. You will be benefiting from the explorations of previous tour groups, and hopefully, future tour members will benefit from your discoveries.

      We will be visiting a range of natural habitats throughout the tour. This enables you to compare the various climatic conditions and observe the different orchid species growing in each habitat.   

     The treks themselves are not usually strenuous. We have found from past experience that you will see a lot more on a leisurely walk compared to a laborious hike - and it is frequently the people at the back of the group who are taking it slowly that find the interesting plants.

     The aim of our treks is to have an enjoyable day exploring the forest and see orchids growing and flowering in their natural wild environment.

     We would like to point out that all treks are of course optional and if you prefer to take a day off you could simply relax at your hotel/resort - or visit some of the nearby cultural attractions. Maybe view a village temple or enjoy a morning shopping at the local market.

     Whenever possible we will try and arrange an alternative excursion for any members not participating in a particular trek.

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